So I moved and haven't brewed in a while...

I was on a tear, brewing every two weeks, I had things scheduled, then life got in the way, as it often does. Well, I've moved my family to Scranton, PA, which, to be honest, is a wasteland for good beer, but there are  folks here trying to make a difference. There are a few bars who are carrying 'craft' (hate that word) beer, and it seems that the future may be bright, but a little far off. Having lived in Philly awhile, you get spoiled. I assume it's like San Diego, or Portland (either coast it seems). Every neighborhood bar has alternatives to macro lager, and I mean EVERY bar. You can dodge bullets in a shit neighborhood in Philly, and have Troegs, Victory, PBC or Yards at the very least. So I'm feeling out the town, which is hard because I've been a stay at home dad to my 4 year old and my 3 month old (who's birth prompted the move to NEPA). So with little funds and little time on my hands, I honestly haven't done much exploring. I do know I've had a lot of trouble finding distributors with BWF (beer with flavor) that is in date. There's a whole lot of out of season beers in some of these places, some of the dates were frightening. I purchased a four pack of a double IPA I hadn't tried before, when I poured one, the beer was super hazy, oily and just not right. I checked the 'best by' date, and found it to be 11/2011. I'm a sucker for vintage beer, but not a double IPA.

I've also started a small sandwich shop, One Drop Cafe, located in the downtown area here. The food scene, can't really be called a scene. I am not poo-poo'ing the town, I actually like the vibe of a small town, but, like I said before I've been spoiled rotten by the progressive consumers of Philly. Just like the beer situation, you can find better-than-chain food, honestly, within 4 blocks of wherever you are standing within Philadelphia county. This may be a very slight exaggeration, there are still some weird spots way west and northeast, but seriously, within every single neighborhood, there's a pub with decent food. So with this sandwich shop, I'm trying to give the folks a  little variety, showing them that if you throw quality ingredients together, much like beer, the outcome is usually pretty alright. Needless to say, this has also put a damper on my brewing, but I'm here to say, NOT ANYMORE.

I'm rededicating myself to the homebrew life, and not just in the way of brewing more or more often, but in the way that I intended this blog to explore. DIY, making beer, projects, graphic design, photography, cycling, camping, exploring...whatever gets your rocks off, while living a simple life with intention. I have it in my mind to take this blog to print. Growing up in the punk scene, I was always a sucker for zines, so I'm exploring a way to make that happen affordably. Would people buy it? Who knows, maybe I'll print a few, see what happens. I have it in my mind to make it a truly crowd-sourced project, calling on the blog authors (all at the right of this post) who inspire me to contribute, with a wide range of topics that define what the homebrew life is all about, simply living, not living simply. I'm going to be working on a variety of merch too, t-shirts, screen printed posters, stickers, maybe a gadget or two.

If you actually read this far down, comment, let me know what you think. Obviously, the content will improve in quality and quantity, with hopes of some guest posts, and I plan on a little refreshing the look a little as well. Tell me what's important to those of you who invest your time in reading these little journals on the internet. This place is going to get a lot more personal with maybe a little too many words, but I'm working on improving the photos too.

Oh yeah, I did just do a triple brew day, with three batches back to back, and spent 8 days in the hospital with a couple pulmonary emboli (clots in my lungs) which nearly killed me. It's been a fun few months!


  1. Damn dude, didnt know you moved. I was about to forward you a new Fishtown water report, we never got that brewday in, or even a beer. Good luck, hope all is well on the health front. Looking forward to what you have coming up. Cheers!

    1. Yeah, it was kinda sudden. I want you to do a guest post duder. I'll be in touch.